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Have You Heard About The Latest Advancements In The Laminate Industry?

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Laminate Industry

In this sophisticated era that the world is slowly walking into where even the tops of our tables shine. We need everything to look attractive to our eyes, even our furniture.To gain this feat, we choose the best laminates. Laminates are thin sheets that are used to form a smooth surface on furniture like tables, cabinets, etc., for ceilings, and many other applications.

They are nothing but an attractive cover appearance for the application, giving the furniture more stability and strength. Throughout the world, laminates are referred to as surface materials. Although it is mainly for the appearance and durability of the object, it does come in different colours and patterns.

Various types of laminates are based on properties like pressure, finishing, uses, etc. So, according to research, they are:-

a) Types based on thickness-

  • Regular sheets- The regular Laminate sheets include a thickness range starting approximately from 1.5 to 8 mm. These sheets need to be glued to the surface of wood or plywood.
  • Compact Sheets- The compact laminate sheets include a thickness range starting approximately from about 3 mm to 30mm. These sheets can be used directly and do not require the support of any plywood or surface wood, thus making them a self-supporting laminate.

b) Types based on Usage-

  • Industrial Laminates- These types of laminates are used for industrial purposes with high levels of strength, they last for a long time and do not scratch easily.
  • Decorative Laminates– These types of laminates are used for decorative purposes, making them the most common of them. These laminates have a thickness of about 1 mm and are only used to decorate and stabilize wooden furniture, making it more appealing to the eyes.

c) Types based on surface finishing-

  • Gloss Finished Laminates- These types of laminates are usually used in restaurants, hotels, etc., as they have a glossy appearance.
  • Matt Finished Laminates- These types of Laminates have flat matt finishes on the surface and are used for professional offices, furniture, etc.
  • Solid Coloured Laminates- These types of laminate sheets have one solid colour and are mostly used for kitchen platforms and furniture.
  • Metal Laminates- These types of Laminates tend to give the surface a metallic look.
  • Textured Laminates- These types of laminates have an abstract pattern or texture to them.
  • Wood Grain Laminates- This type of laminates gives the appliance a wooden texture, so much so that you can feel the grains. They are used for wood flooring and can be quite expensive.

d) Types based on Advanced Properties-

  • Outdoor UV Laminates- This type of laminate is especially used for outdoor purposes as it has higher durability to withstand the sun and dust. It is often used for billboards.
  • Fire Retardant Laminates- This type of laminate makes the appliance fire-retardant because of the special fire-resistant resin applied to it while making it. It is often used for airports, kitchens, hospitals, etc.

So as we can see, with time, the laminate industry is moving forward and having some great advancements and achievements in its sector. Consumers are positively going towards it as and when the masses are made aware of its existence, making the players of this industry come up with more exciting and new ways to keep the attention of the consumers while also catering to their every need.

As seen above, there are so many different types of laminates like fire-retardant water-resistant, etc. The players of the laminate industry have tried and achieved new heights while trying to eradicate every little property that might come as harm to the laminates.

Not only that, but they are also moving forward with style! By resolving every other why and how on its sheet, they have made it a point to do it so with style. Fashion-forward looks can be seen in many of the laminates to not only appease the masses but also move with time.

Speaking of which, many companies have tried to switch to sustainable development to do their part in making the environment better. Now there are a lot of players in the market related to the laminate industry, but one of the most renowned and best are CenturyLaminates from the house of CenturyPly. It has been in the market for a very long time and has managed to win the hearts of the masses with its work.

It is regarded as one of the best laminate manufacturers in today’s time with its impeccable quality of service and materials. So if there is anything remotely related to laminates, CenturyLaminates might just be the place you’re looking for!

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