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How does a UV Water Purifier Work?

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UV Water Purifier

Water contamination has only grown in years, making it critical to invest in a dependable water purification system. Among the different types of water purifiers available, UV water purifiers have emerged as a popular option due to their effectiveness in eradicating hazardous germs.

A UV water purifier functions by exposing water to ultraviolet rays that damage the DNA of hazardous microorganisms, making them incapable of reproduction. This article will give you a grasp of how a UV water purifier works and the benefits it provides.

How does a UV Water Purifier Work?

A UV home water purifier follows these stages. This will explain the operation of a UV water treatment system:

  1. Before entering the UV chamber, water is pre-filtered to remove bigger particles such as silt, dirt, and debris. This procedure guarantees that the water is clear and devoid of particles that could hinder the UV light, allowing the UV rays to penetrate the water.
  2. The water goes through the chamber and is exposed to UV radiation from the bulb. UV radiation enters the cells of hazardous bacteria in the water, damaging and making them incapable of reproducing. This method efficiently deactivates the bacteria, preventing them from causing water-borne infections.
  3. After UV treatment, water may undergo extra filtering stages such as activated carbon filters or reverse osmosis to improve quality. These further filtration procedures can help eliminate any leftover pollutants, such as pesticides, or chemicals, while improving the water’s taste and odour.
  4. Once treated, the water is placed in a storage tank and ready for use. Most residential water purifiers have a faucet or dispenser, providing convenient access to clean and safe drinking water.

Aquaguard UV water purifiers

Aquaguard’s UV water purifiers come with technology that filters them with more than one filtration method and makes the water pure and full of healthy minerals. The UV E-Boiling technology ensures you get water as pure as water boiled for over 20 minutes. The water purifiers with this technology to explore are –

  1. Aquaguard Glory RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline+SS Water Purifier comes with a multi-stage purification process. It has an alkaline filter that makes it wonderful and a 6-stage filtration making it powerful for clean water. The six-stage filtration process combines- I-Filter, Chemi-Block, UV E-boiling, Ultra Filtration, and the Active Copper Booster Cartridge. The I-Filter removes suspended particles, the Chemi-Block eliminates unwanted chemicals, chlorine, and organic impurities, the UV E-boiling provides you with water that is as pure and healthy as boiled water, the Ultra Filtration removes harmful viruses and bacteria, and the Active Copper Booster Cartridge infuse the right amount of copper ions into your water. The water purifier is also equipped with a storage tank made of high-grade 304 stainless steel that’s durable, tough, and corrosive-free. It comes with an Alkaline cartridge that instantly increases the pH level of the water and makes it Alkaline. This cartridge also contains Activated Carbon which makes the water safer, healthier, and tastier by removing contaminants.
  2. Aquaguard Marvel NXT RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline+SS Water Purifier comes with superior Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) technology. The RO technology removes contaminants like lead and mercury and eliminates disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Meanwhile, the UV E-Boiling technology ensures you get water as pure as water boiled for over 20 minutes. In addition, the I-Filter, Chemi-Block, Alkaline Cartridge, and TDS Regulator ensure pure and clean drinking water that is sweet-tasting and odourless.
  3. Aquaguard Blaze Insta RO+UV+TA+Hot & Ambient Water Purifier offers hot and ambient water with zero wait time. For purification, the Superior HD RO removes bacteria, viruses, biological contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic from the water with UV e-boiling that delivers water as safe and pure as water boiled for over 20 minutes. The 5 stages of filtration- Sedi-Filter, Chemi Block, Reverse Osmosis Cartridge, UV e boiling, Active Copper Booster Cartridge, TDS Regulator make sure you get purified water. Smart LED indication, high storage capacity, and energy-saving mode are among its other features. Moreover, the 304 stainless steel tank in the water purifier enhances the durability of the machine.  The Hot Water Steam that is connected to the hot tank through a 100% copper tube ensures zero risk of plastic burning and leaching.

A UV water purifier is an effective and dependable method for providing safe drinking water to homes. Its chemical-free purification process, effectiveness in eradicating hazardous germs, low maintenance requirements, and energy economy make it an excellent alternative for people considering a water treatment system. Aquaguard provides a wide range of UV water purifiers with other amazing filtration processes and add-ons.

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