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Ways to Prepare Your Puppy for a Training Session

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Puppy for a Training

Training sessions are a special treat for your puppy. The classes are essential in shaping your dog’s behavior and help deal with aggression, separation, and anxiety. Puppy training offers numerous gains to your dog, but how you prepare for the sessions determines the outcome. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Bring the right gear

A collar and a leash are some of the essential gear in dog training surrey uk. The items allow the trainers to control your puppy and help it learn commands or tricks. And not just any collar and leash; ensure it’s the right one, and you can seek a recommendation from the trainer if you’re having trouble choosing. Also, pack an extra of the tools for emergency reasons.

2. Gather your documents 

Qualified puppy trainers or facilities will require proof to ascertain that it is healthy. Also, they will need to see that your puppy is fit to attend puppy classes surrey and be around other dogs attending the sessions. Your task is gathering documents, the dog’s shots, licenses, or other supporting records.

3. Allow a little playtime

Your puppy has a lot of extra energy to burn. Therefore, have a little playtime by taking it for a walk to bring the energy down. Playing and exercising will enable it to remain calm during the dog behaviour training surrey class.

However, don’t overwork out the dog, as it can be exhaustive and ruin the sessions. Allow the pet to rest its brain, as the class can be stimulating, and it will need time to decompress. So have the plan to chill out after the training sessions.

4. Pack treats and toys 

Treats and toys are essential in enhancing learning during the training sessions. They act as a reward when your puppy responds well to the training. The incentives will encourage the dog to continue with the meetings.

Pack its favorite treat to make learning fun and delicious. Ensure the meals are small and chewable so your puppy doesn’t lose focus in training. Additionally, you can pack a favorite toy that will catch its interest.

Also, you can bring a water bowl for refreshment throughout the class. A portable bowl will help prevent the spread of germs between puppies in the session. If the dog is taking long sessions, you can bring a dog mat for resting.

5. Choose a training space

Choosing a proper space is very critical and depends on your choice of trainer. The place needs to be quiet to avoid distractions. When choosing a trainer, check their training space, experience, and tools.

6. Plan your command 

You should plan your preferred commands before the sessions. And ensure you’re consistent with the commands to avoid confusing your puppy. Some basic commands include sit, down, stay, etc.


Preparing your puppy for training sessions is crucial. Your dog will acquire your desired behavior effectively if you do it right. But if you do it wrong, the sessions will yield no results, and your pet could get hurt. So apply the above ways to prepare your puppy for training classes like a pro.

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