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Top 3 Celebrity Homes’ Interior Designs That You Can Take Inspiration From

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Everyone who dreams of buying their own house wants a perfect space with posh interior designs, just like the one that their favourite celebrity lives in. It is true that architects and designers go all the ways possible to get perfectly desirable interiors for stars. Well, with the right choice and inspiration, you can get that aesthetic ambience as well.

This article will give you a glimpse at some of the best celebrity home designs for you to craft out similar lavishness within your property space.

1. Mannat- The Outstanding Residence of Shah Rukh Khan

If you want inspiration from one of the best celebrity home interior designs, Mannat tops the list. Gauri Khan, wife of the King of Bollywood, herself took the mantle of designing this entire property. The interiors replicate a luxurious paradise with a small theatre, swimming pool, gym and library.

The classic pillars with the white appeal, followed by the black gate, are what the landmark of Shah Rukh Khan’s house became. The interior of the house projects a colour palette inclusive of three shades, white, brown and beige. The plush carpets spread over the dark-textured wooden flooring excel in the charm.

You will find several leather works around all corners of the house to keep that luxury vibe alive. Gauri Khan, the woman behind designing the lavish interior of Mannat, says that she isn’t fond of minimalist spaces and wants things more warm, collectable, personal and eclectic. Mannat’s interior is decorated with collectable items that Gauri sourced over a long time. Thus, this is one charismatic inspiration for anyone with the budget to plan their home designs.

2. Oshiwara House- The Peaceful Abode of Late Irrfan Khan

Shabnam Gupta, a popular interior designer in India, has worked out the interiors of Oshiwara House. Upon entering Irrfan Khan’s above, you will find the enchanting and appealing blue foyer. The entrance is made even lovely with the inclusion of floral motifs, artworks, sculptures, frames and many other such elements.

The foyer will draw most of your attention, and the living room is embedded with a small pond made of blue stones. It resembles a Turkish bathtub. The interior designer, Shabnam, ensured that there was always abundant natural light within the property. Every wall around this property has a mirror, and the entire space reflects a dark & light blue appeal.

The study room has wall art to add to the elegance created by the in-house professional artists of Peacock Life, a brand owned by Shabnam Gupta. If you want a serene and peaceful interior for your house, then there isn’t a better pick than Irrfan Khan’s Oshiwara House.

3. KanganaRanaut’s Mumbai Home

KanganaRanaut’s Mumbai home is designed by the interior designer, RichaBahl, who is the wife of the movie director, VikasBahl. The entire property reflects a rustic yet elegant appeal. It is a personalised space of Kangana, with several possessions that belong to her private life. The actress tried to implement the appeal of her ancestral home.


These celebrities have some of the best properties across Mumbai and are ideal for your inspiration of home decor ideas. Create a paradise house for yourself. Even if you don’t have that big a space around your property, you can still try and implement the fascinating decor of these celebrity houses to get that luxury vibe.

Some of the other celebrities, such as Hrithik Roshan, Aparshakti Khurana, Sonali Bendre, Sonam Kapoor and others, have amazing homes for you to consider for added inspiration.

Hire the best-in-class interior designed within your budget to get started with revamping or building the aesthetics of your house.

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