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Eyebrow Embroidery Facts You Should Know About

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Eyebrow Embroidery

In Singapore, the semi-permanent Makeup industry, especially eyebrow embroidery, has expanded significantly over the past decade. There has been an increase in the number of Singaporeans interested in semi-permanent makeup due to its convenience.

As with the rest of semi-permanent makeup, eyebrow embroidery saves substantial time by eliminating the need to apply cosmetics. In the hectic lifestyle of a modern woman, this is an extra benefit in addition to looking good at all times and places.

1. What exactly is eyebrow embroidery?

A variety of phrases are employed in regards to eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. You may have heard the terms eyebrow tattoos, microblading, cosmetic tattoos, misty/ombre powder brow, 3D-9D Korean brow, and hybrid brow, among others. All of them, roughly speaking, mean the same thing.

Eyebrow Embroidery is a technique in which a brow artist or technician inserts tiny amounts of colour beneath the skin to create a dramatic, natural-looking eyebrow contour. Generally, eyebrow embroidery lasts between several months and years.

Additionally, it is vital to note that the pigments used in eyebrow embroidery differ from those used in typical body tattoos. Similarly, the penetration depth during eyebrow embroidery is significantly less. In the Western world, eyebrow embroidery is usually considered semi-permanent makeup.

2. What kinds of eyebrow embroidery are available?

In Singapore, eyebrow embroidery, commonly referred to as eyebrow tattoos, may be roughly classified into four kinds:

  • Misty/Ombre Brow Powder Eyebrow Stitching
  • Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Dual or Hybrid Brow (a combination of Powder Brow and Microblading Brow)
  • NanoHairstroke Needlework

As indicated before, the many words and labels you may have discovered thus far in your search for the finest eyebrow embroidery are derived from these four primary eyebrow categories. They are classified according to their impact.

3. Is it painful?

One of the most often asked topics regarding eyebrow embroidery semi-permanent cosmetics, also known as eyebrow tattooing, in Singapore relates to discomfort. Eyebrow Embroidery does not cause pain! However, some patients can suffer slight discomfort throughout the surgery.

In conclusion, eyebrow embroidery will not be uncomfortable if a high-quality numbing cream is applied and allowed ample time to take action.

4. How long does it last?

In nations with a cooler temperature, Misty/Ombre Powder Brows and Hybrid/Combo Brows last an average of two to three years, with a colour refresh required in between. Microblading, however, will typically last between 1.5 and 2 years, with a touch-up every six months.

Unfortunately, due to Singapore’s environment, we’ve found a 6-month decline in colour retention on average. Ultimately, this is merely a basic rule of thumb, and the duration of the eyebrow embroidery mainly relies on the following:

  • Grade of utilised pigment
  • The thickness of micro-pigments
  • Lifestyle
  • Skin care regimens
  • Excessive exposure to the sun

The following will immediately result in a substantially shorter duration of colour retention while Microblading eyebrows:

  • overexposure to sun
  • continuous skin exfoliation
  • oil control skincare products

5. Will it ever entirely disappear?

Because the pigments used in eyebrow embroidery are semi-permanent, they will progressively fade over time if it is not touched up often. The pigment will eventually be broken down and reabsorbed by the body.

Pigments often penetrate the dermis of the skin when they are deposited into the skin. During the healing period after the eyebrow procedure, the body’s immune system will perceive the pigments as “foreign invaders.” It will begin to “construct a wall” around them to shield the body from injury. It will eventually create scars and become “permanently” embedded in the dermis.

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